The Benefits of LinkedIn

Why Use It?

In an expansion of my previous article “10 Tips For Landing a Job”, I would like to briefly discuss the merits of using LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a networking tool which allows you to make connections with business people throughout the world.  It lets you describe your qualifications and job experience, showing people your skills.  This can help significantly when finding a job.

Networking Is Paramount!

Many people who are already employed dismiss LinkedIn as simply an “online resume”- they reason that as they are employed they have no need for it. Wrong! LinkedIn is all about NETWORKING- the greater your network of contacts the better advice and working opportunities you will receive.  As per my advice in my first post, you should connect with EVERYONE!  LinkedIn was instrumental for me and my job search as it was the main way the managing director of the company I am now working at got back in contact with me.  LinkedIn allowed him to source my mobile number and then arrange for me to come in for a job interview.

Discussion Groups

LinkedIn also allows you to join groups which can help build your knowledge base.  Each group has a different subject which keys into your own personal interests.  For example, I am a member of the a number of groups, including public relations, private equity and sociology graduates.  Being a group member also allows me to publish my own information to a wide variety of similar minded people, who can read it and provide discussion.



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