Some quick tips on assimilating into the workplace

So you have just accepted a new job, and are starting in a few days.  Here are a few tips to help you find your feet quickly.


Introduce yourself quickly

On your first day of work don’t expect to do anything related to your actual job.  Chances are the office administrators will be helping you set up your logins, phone, desk etc.  The first day is your best opportunity to briefly meet everyone in the office and establish yourself in the company.  This will be particularly easy if you are in an open plan setting.  One thing I do is draw up a quick floorplan and write down all the names of everyone I have met next to their corresponding desk.  This provides me with a great reference guide and avoids getting names wrong.  My office has 18 people on my open plan floor, so the floorplan guide really came in handy when I started.


Friday drinks

It’s a good idea to take part in any social activities which may occur outside of work hours.  Getting along well with everyone in your workplace is important so it’s definitely worth putting in the effort.  Friday afternoon drinks are a common practice in most offices, and are a great opportunity to get to know people in a more casual setting.  A positive relationship outside of work will naturally generate greater working efficiency and team cohesion.


Buy a coffee with someone

Another good way to meet people is to buy a takeaway coffee with someone.  All you have to do is walk to the coffee shop, buy the coffee and then return to the office.  The time spent walking and talking with your colleague is enough to generate a basic social relationship and will pay dividends later on.


Introduce your personality slowly

It is important to show your personality at work- be it giving opinions, talking about general interests/etc.  While this is important, as a starter in the office environment you should probably wait a while before opening up a bit.  This will allow you to gauge everyone else in the office and have a better way of knowing how to respond.  There is no point in declaring your dislike for soccer on your first day of work to discover a week later that there are diehard soccer fans in the office who you have accidentally alienated already.


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